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SPRING HAS ARRIVED! Orders are being shipped.  We are carefully watching the weather for birds during transit, we started shipping some orders in late February to destinations with proper weather conditions. Please note some birds are just now coming in to full lay, as soon as we hatch your order they will be shipped on a Tuesday or Wednesday only. Any excess chicks will be auctioned off on facebook,

Please make sure to read our terms and conditions.  When placing your order you agree to them, if you can not agree please do not order.

We Do Offer a payment plan,If you would like to set your order up on a payment plan, Please contact us from our contact page, you must include a phone number.
We now do not have a minimum number of chicks you must order, But to receive any guarantee we have you must order 6. If you order less then 6 and will need shipping we will add roosters to your order to make sure they have a safe trip. We will add extra chicks to boxes we feel need them.  These are free and they can be any variety we choose to add.

The guarantee only  for orders of 6+ chicks.  If you order less then six you will not have any type of guarantee. We feel it is much safer to ship 6+ chicks. Only one offer allowed per order.

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